Quiz 7: Selection  


Selection is a key responsibility for all the managers and supervisors in an organization. Wrong selection and hiring decisions can cost an organization a lot thus they should ensure to hire the employees based on their skills, knowledge relevant to the job. To ensure proper hiring the job description must be designed properly revealing the skills required to perform the job accurately. 1. Data driven selection approach helps in increasing the appropriateness of the hiring decisions. When the selection is based on the data it ensures that the success rate will be high as the employee has been selected based on accurate data and thus probability of performance will be high. While following data driven approach the company's focus on the required and mandatory skills, competencies required performing a particular job and hiring the candidates possessing them and thus they perform the job well leading to enhanced selection in companies. 2. Apart from surveying, a company might use different methods to collect important selection data from the employees. For example, a company might use face-to-face or telephonic interviews to collect detailed information from the employees as well as the managers. Besides this, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can also be used to determine the personal information of the employees. Furthermore, the resumes submitted by the employees for a particular position in the company can also be used to collect crucial selection data regarding the employees. 3. In order to develop a data-driven approach to selection in companies, the HR professionals need developing certain crucial skills including data collection and interpretation skills, data reduction skills, and statistical and analytical skills. These skills would help the HR professionals in acquiring the selection data, segregating relevant data, and prepare the final selection metrics.

A Professor should have good communication skills. Secondly, he is should be presentable and be confident in his speech. Thirdly, he should listen to his students and understand them. Fourthly, his reading comprehension should be good. Fifthly, he should have the ability to analyze the situation critically.

For conducting a structured interview certain questions needs to asked from the candidates. Firstly, I would ask them to give their introduction and also tell about their past experiences with the previous employer. Secondly, I would ask the details about my company in order to judge that they know about the company or not. Thirdly, I would give them a stressful situation in order to check whether they can cope up with that or not. Lastly, I would ask them about their unique quality due to which they should be recruited in the company and the other candidates should be rejected.