Quiz 6: Recruitment 


The company F uses a unique multitude of independent contractors for delivery of product to customers, many of which are single-drivers or single vehicle outfits. To ensure success the company has made it mandatory for contractors to pass a basic pre employment test and posses appropriate vehicle for delivery. The contractors are also required to sign a nonnegotiable agreement specifying the nature of working relationship with company. The agreement also sets fairly strict standards with regard to appearance and vehicle maintenance, also drivers cannot use the vehicle with company logo for personal use. They are required to work 60 hours a week and have to even complete a training program with the company including both classroom instructions and practical driving exercises. The pay is also based on number of deliveries, types and safety record. This control of the organization over delivery through independent contractors has blurred the line between employee and independent contractors which even made these contractors to seek support from union to be treated as employees and get the similar benefits.

Now days countries have medical colleges and marketing universities. Which provide specific training to students for such fields. Therefore, for recruiting a sales representative for Pharmacy Company these types of local universities can be considered. Apart from this technical representatives can also be considered who work for the same profile like the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

In today's century internet has become an important source of gathering information for every individual. Internet has many websites like LinkedIn, Monster, Naukri etc which provide employer with the accurate details of an employee. Through this they can post jobs and get applications from the interested candidates. Not only this regarding the validity of the candidates experience and qualification can be checked with the help of internet. An employer with the help of internet can reach to right candidates and recruit loan officer professionals.