Quiz 3: Human Resources Management and Technology 


The big names like A H can be of great importance to govern and ensure that the laws and labor conditions are followed at the suppliers end in other nations. They can work on agreements with their suppliers that the working conditions, pay etc will be better than those required in their nations. So that the best talent could be retained and also their motive of being socially responsible will be fulfilled. Company's like A H can undertake regular inspections and visits at the supplier's site to ensure that the environment in these organizations is of good standard. They have to motivate their suppliers to provide better conditions and incentives to their employees for continuing business in larger volumes with them. They can train the suppliers HR at their own organizations to show them the levels used at their own company's and how benchmarks can be set by these suppliers.

Equal Employment opportunity refers to making of employment decisions by employers irrespective of some characteristics like age, sex, race, color, disability, religion etc. In this employer's follows a status blind approach wherein the decisions are made without considering the applicants' personal characteristics. These characteristics are also known as protected characteristics. Protected characteristics refer to the attributes of individuals which are protected under equal employment opportunity laws regulations. Some of the characteristics covered are age, color, race, religion, disability, gender, national origin, pregnancy, Marital status etc. When making the employment the employer should treat all the applications received equally irrespective of these characteristics and selection should be based on skills, knowledge and experience of the applicant only. They should not indulge in practices like preferring single over marries or giving more preference for a job to a particular religion etc. Similarly pregnant woman should be treated equally, this law does not even say of providing any favors even for anyone. Because of globalization today world is small and the workforce is also diversified, more woman, people from different caste, religion nationalities, gender are entering the corporate world which requires fair treatment. Thus these laws are more needed in today's time.

To make an organization successful it is necessary that the workforce should be satisfied. As described in the case the Average age of the workforce has decreased from 40 years to 34 years and as an HR manager it is needed that steps should be taken in this regard to meet the needs and wants of the younger workforce in the organization. The important thing to consider here is that according to the Equal Employment opportunity the factors like age, race, religion, gender etc are the protected characteristics and employment decisions should be taken without considering these factors, based on skills, experience and knowledge of the applicants. The HR could design the policies which takes all the rules and regulations in consideration and at the same time meets the needs and wants of young employees. They can use surveys, one on one feedback to understand what motivates them for example introducing flexibility, pay for performance incentives etc can be included. They should also make the new employees understand the culture, rules and regulations as required to be followed in the organization.