Quiz 12: Motivating Others and Developing Teamwork


Saving money by diagnosing motivational wishes and needs of employees: A challenge for people responsible for the work of others is to get them to perform at a high level. Knowledge of motivation is particularly important in the current era because so many workers do not identify with their work or their employers. This ultimately makes it more costly and challenging for companies to effectively motivate their workers. The solution here is to understand the psyche of one's workers. That's why so many companies opt to analyze the motivational needs and goals of their workers prior to hosting motivational programs. This strategy saves time and money because the programs can be tailored to specifically address the needs of their employees, thus making them effective and more time efficient. The understanding of the employees' wishes will help the company to take adequate measures to keep their employees motivated. If a company does not do that then the employees may get frustrated and then motivating them will be a difficult and a costly affair.

Objections of employees to being empowered: Empowerment is the process by which a manager shares power with team members, thereby enhancing their feelings of self-efficacy. Because the worker feels more effective, empowerment contributes to intrinsic motivation. There will be, however, some employees who are wary of empowerment because: • They are not comfortable with so much responsibility. • The responsibility also makes them more accountable. • They are not ready to answer questions if their decisions were not well-received. • They would rather have power levels within their authority, and not more. Ultimately, empowerment also gives greater responsibility and some are just not ready or comfortable with carrying the extra load.

Reduction in job turnover due to a program in job enrichment : Job enrichment refers to making a job more motivating and satisfying by adding variety and responsibility. A job is considered enriched to the extent that it demands more of an individual's talents and capabilities. Companies strive to provide job enrichment because: as the job becomes more meaningful to a worker, they grow fonder of it and more productive. Once a worker enjoys their job, they don't want to leave it and companies don't have to deal with the hurdles of hiring and training replacement workers. The main intention of job enrichment program is to make the employees feel happy at what they are doing. When the employees are happy at their job then they would love their job and be more productive to the Company.