Quiz 9: Getting Along With Your Manager, Coworkers, and Customers


To be a valuable and productive member of an organization is to be a good team player when the situation calls for it. A team player is one who emphasizes group accomplishment and cooperation rather than individual achievement and not helping others. And so, even though a team leader may not have the same level of authority as a regular manager, it is still in the employee's best interest to maintain positive relationships with him/her. One an additional note: team leaders generally get more face time with mangers than other members, and so it is good to maintain favorable relations with a team leader and have them pass those positive associations to the manager.

An effective way of developing good relationships with coworkers and friends is to compliment something with which they closely identify, such as their children, souses, hobbies, or pets. Compliments are also effective because they are a form of flattery. Paying a compliment is a form of positive reinforcement, and can be achieved by praising achievements. When utilizing this with one's boss, the key aspect to remember is maintaining appropriateness-the compliment must fit the accomplishment. Praise that is too lavish may appear like "kissing up."

A good way to make a coworker feel important is to work cooperatively with them in a team/partner setting. A great way to do so is by complimenting their expertise in a specific skill and seeking their assistance when needing to utilize that skill in completion of an office assignment. Another tactic is to express interest in their work and personal lives. By asking about topics closely related to them, the coworker will be more likely to cultivate positive relationships with their colleagues.