Quiz 4: Emotional Intelligence, Attitudes, and Happiness


Emotional intelligence in a person determines his/her understanding and human behavior. Good emotional intelligence leads to better handling of the emotions of self and others. It is prerequisite for good leadership and management. A good professor has to demonstrate high emotional intelligence in dealing with different students in a class. In our class, the professor got to know about a nickname that was given to him by the students for fun. Students used to refer him by this name among them. The professor was supposed to be disturbed and annoyed at the name. But he maintained his composure. His behavior after that towards those students was unexpected and displayed his good emotional intelligence. The things that the professor did to demonstrate his god emotional intelligence are as follows: • He did not react angrily and kept calm. • He did not get stressed after knowing about the name. • He did not try to stretch the matter unnecessarily. • He came up with good humor to deal with this challenge (attitude of the students). • He tried to act friendly and humorous with students. • He insisted them to treat him as one among themselves and include him also in such fun activities like nicknaming a professor. • He did not disclose his disappointment and tried to be friendly. The professor was more respected after this incident. This made students being friendlier towards him. He eventually used this to his advantage as he developed a congenial learning environment.

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to accurately perceive emotions, to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships, and to manage those emotions appropriately. There are four key factors that make up one's emotional intelligence: 1. Self awareness 2. Self management 3. Social awareness 4. Relationship management Low emotional intelligence can be found in every career field and does not shy away from the limelight. All too often headlines scream of an actor or actress' many tantrums, infidelities, or rude behavior towards fans. These acts speak not only of the celebrity's low self-awareness and management, but disregard to social awareness and relationship management, as well.

Emotional intelligence is the skill of understanding and managing emotions of yourself and others. People with high emotional intelligence are likely to have a better ability to handling emotions. Vast majority of company managers having high emotional intelligence will give the company a competitive advantage in the following ways: • Managers will not get stressed easily. This would ensure a robust decision and a clear thought. • Better understanding of emotions will lead them to have better relations with other people in the organization. Thus it will reduce the conflicts at workplace. • They will be able to take better judgments by not getting emotional and maintaining a balance in their temperament. • Having a good emotional intelligence would lead the managers to better motivate their team. • High emotional intelligence will lead to managers being emotionally strong in handling various situations such as crisis, recession and will lead to fewer turnovers in the organization. Having employees with high emotional intelligence is always beneficial for any organization. All the above ways show how emotional intelligence will result into better employees with better performance and situation handling ability. All of these will give a competitive advantage to the company against its competitors.