Quiz 3: Self-Motivation and Self-Discipline


There are various levels of needs of every individual working in an organization. The different levels according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs are as follows: • Physiological needs i.e. the basic needs like food, home, etc. • Safety needs i.e. need for safety on both physical and emotional aspects. • Social needs i.e. need for care, acceptance, love, etc. • Esteem needs i.e. need for being considered as a valued person. • Self-actualization needs are the top most level of need and include need for self-satisfaction and growth. Health-care insurance will come under the second lower level of needs i.e. safety needs. If the lower level needs are not satisfied they will never reach the level of self- actualization. Self-actualization is where a person attains self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is vital for good performance. Satisfying lower level needs of an employee is important because when the person feels that his lower level needs are met he will ultimately strive to attain the next level of need. This will as a result make him perform better. Attainment of these needs also results in higher motivation for the employee. This is beneficial for both the employee and employer. Lower level needs and their attainment is also important because this is mostly related to the employee's family. For e.g. health insurance, emotional safety, job security, etc. All these either directly or indirectly affect the employees' family.

The two business-related jobs for which a high need for risk taking and thrill seeking would be an advantage are: - Technical Analyst(Share market) This job has been considered because people working as a technical analyst in the share market need to take huge risks every day. In case of this job the more the need of risk taking and thrill seeking involved the more chances of success. A person who has high need for risk taking and thrill will be at an advantageous position when working on this job. The person will be at advantage because it is basic requirement for success in such a job. A person with low capacity to handle risks can never succeed because he will never have the confidence to take any. - Business Analyst (Market and Products) This is the second example of a job where high need for level of risk and thrill will be an advantage. People working as a business analyst need to forecast the optimal marketing strategies for the products or services of their clients. But there may be situations when their forecast goes wrong. So in such case people with high need of risk and thrill will prove beneficial. This is because such people will enjoy taking risks and thrill.

Self-actualization implies an aspiration for self-satisfaction. This satisfaction is attained only when an individual achieves all that he/she is capable of. A self-actualized person is a person who has achieved a satisfaction in terms of his achievements. The person I have considered here has had a successful career as an entrepreneur in the service industry. The reasons why I consider him to be self-actualized are as follows ( Note : - He here refers to the person considered as self-actualized): - He believes in his individuality. - He is very creative as he comes up with different new ideas for his business. - He maintains very good interpersonal relations. - He feels free and independent about himself. - He has a sense of achievement for himself. - He likes introspecting. - He is always ready to face the real situation whatever it may be good or bad. - He is well aware of his maximum capabilities.