Quiz 2: Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence


Self-esteem is the level of competence and belief in one's capabilities that a person has. Self-esteem inculcates a feeling of confidence to face and mitigate the challenges. Thus self-esteem is directly a result of happiness and vice versa. Self-esteem does not remain constant throughout life. It is likely to change depending on experiences. The self-esteem of an individual majorly depends on his/her childhood experiences, although the experiences in adult life also affect self-esteem to some extent. The reasons which substantiate the above statement are as follows: - The person's visible tattoos reflect his self-confidence. - This reflects that the individual takes pride in his/her physical appearance. - The person has tattooed him/herself for pleasure which will result in increased self-esteem. However, there might be contrary examples where the person having a low self-esteem behaves in an ostentatious manner. This is a result of a false self-portrayal that a person wants to make.

A large number of researchers state that the employees who possess high levels of self-esteem prove to be better performers. Self-esteem is the competence one feels about their individual self. There can be various explanations for this conclusion. Few of them have been listed as follows: - High self-esteem leads to better productivity of the worker. - The higher the levels of self-esteem, the higher the energy level. - Better self-esteem leads to better appreciation of oneself. - Greater self-esteem results in an increase in the confidence towards one's work. - Higher self-esteem leads to positive attitude towards one's work. - Higher self-esteem leads to stress free mind resulting in better productivity. The above few explanations give us an insight into how higher self-esteem leads to better performance or productivity. Workers with high self-esteem cultivate and retain better work attitudes and performance.

An individual's personality is partly affected by the childhood experiences, and partly by genetic inheritance. This view is held by majority of the thinkers. The major experiences in life also affect it to a certain extent. Thus the various aspects of the personality are bound to vary in different stages of life. The work experiences play a huge role in shaping up the skills and professional capabilities of an individual. My teacher/professor has helped me with my self-esteem. This has been a result of appreciation for my efforts. This has led me and many other students make more detailed presentations, put more hard work and innovation. Since our professor is easily approachable, we always have the leverage to ask for suggestions. It has helped the class on the whole. Many students have raised there performance due to their self-esteem being boosted. It is required for a mentor to have good motivational skills. This helps him/her to manage the team and use its capabilities to the fullest.