Quiz 1: Human Relations and You


Handling human relations form an integral part of the modern management. It requires a deep understanding of human behavior to approach employee relations. It is the application of the realistic knowledge in a manner such that the employee feels better and also becomes more productive. Human relation is all about using human skills to enhance team work and performance of the employees. A supervisor is responsible for the performance of the team. A supervisor is assigned the role of helping, directing and organizing the team. It requires the supervisor to help the new entrants in their work. Human relations skills are required at all levels but are very important for the supervisors dealing with the entry-level workers. This is because of the following reasons: 1. The novice workers are easy to persuade and highly motivated. It only requires a good management and leadership skill to get them on the track. 2. These management practices take into consideration the needs and desires of the employees. This imbibes a high degree of motivation and consequently elevates the performance. 3. New workers generally do not have experience. The supervisor needs to have good human relation skills to handle these employees as they may not be high on performance. 4. Human relations skills are required by the supervisor, as he needs to deal with workers who have a different outlook. 5. The entry level employees need a compassionate approach from the supervisor. This enables them to adjust comfortably in the work environment.

President of USA, Barack Hussein Obama is a politician who has exceptional human relations skills. The reasons for considering him as an example are: - His calm reaction when his opponent McCain refused to shake hands with him after the presidential debate in 2008. Obama turned to shake hands with Mrs. McCain displaying excellent human relations skill. - The internationally sensitive issues relating to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the death of Osama-bin-Laden very well handled by him. This reflects his exceptional human relations skills. - He has been able to maintain good relations with delegates all over the world. Again a display of excellent human relations skills. - He has been courteous and respectful towards people and that is why is loved by millions. His exceptional human relations skills in this case were evident when he won the second term as president winning 51% of the popular votes. - Obama has always been delivering many weekly internet video addresses which highlight his attempts to connect with maximum number of people. This also displays his outstanding human relations skills. Obama has a very positive impact on people all over the world. The brilliant human relation skills possessed by him have played a major role in this impact.

In today's competitive world both work and personal life have become highly influential for each other. It has been observed that people who are unsatisfied with jobs are not happy in personal lives. There have been many studies in the recent times that have stated the same. Both work and personal life influence each other. The same can be supported by many instances. It has been witnessed that many sportsmen had a big fall in their performances as a result of their personal lives. To cite such an example, the career and personal life of famous golfer Tiger Woods can be considered. Since, he was caught in a scandal and his divorce; he has not been able to win a single title. Work and personal life affect each other in a number of ways such as: 1. Behavior in the work environment is correlated to the way one behaves at the personal level. 2. A positive work environment will lead to better performance and job satisfaction whereas a negative one will result into stress, less productivity, etc. 3. A family supportive work organization is able to create a sense of belongingness towards the organization among its employees. 4. A good personal life will have a positive effect on the work life as it will help the employee to develop better interpersonal relations. 5. Personal life influences work life as performance of an employee depends both on the encouragement from family leading to better performance and the distractions due to personal problems leading to lower performance. So it is clear that both work life and personal life are correlated and influence each other.