Quiz 16: Managing Human Resources Globally


Every organization should have strong HR policies that are aligned with the employees as well as organization goals. It is very important for an organization to make its employees feel valued as it will result in increased productivity and lower turnover. An organization can adopt certain strategies to makes its employee's values. Firstly, an organization can give Employee stock options (ESOPs) in which employees are given stocks of the company. Through this managers become the shareholders of the company. This improves the morale of the employee and makes them more committed towards the organization. Secondly, organizations can make job more interesting and challenging. Thirdly, organizations should provide incentives which are linked to the performances. Fourthly, organizations should make efforts to provide career management training to its employees.

A decision support system helps by entering different assumptions or data to see how the likely outcomes will change. It helps in analyzing whether the external hire is more relevant or the internal hire is more fruitful for the organization. On the basis of this, employee's compensation package could be decided. It helps in forecasting and succession planning which is very useful for organizational hiring.

Mohawk industries adopted a useful strategy which aimed at increasing performance of its employees. Firstly, it emphasized on fair labor practices and supported employee's involvement in their communities. Secondly, it provides career growth opportunity to employees by providing training and development to them. Thirdly, it has e-HRM where in employees can involve in discussion with their employers and find answers about their benefits. They can share their ideas freely through e-HRM. These things improve the morale of employees which increases their productivity.