Quiz 15: Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations


The standard of living is very high in the foreign country. Organizations have to pay for the expatriates the same standard of living as in the home country plus the extra pay for the inconvenience of locating overseas. These are the additional costs and incentives make the expatriate more expensive which the organizations could buy at home with the same salary for an equivalent job. These high costs are the main reasons for an organization to choose a facility in one of the most expensive cities so that local talent could be recruited and trained. This will save the organization from the extra costs.

The aim of recruitment should be to select the right candidate for the right position at the right time. In this case study selecting Bratton was a right choice for the Prime minister because the crime was increasing in the city. To improve the morale of the police force Prime Minister selected Bratton who had already faced this situation. His experience and knowledge will restore morale and reduce crime in the city. However, selecting candidates locally or externally depends upon the situation. This is because sometimes when the talented candidate is already present in the city then the organization should not hire external people. Not only this, sometimes an external candidate cannot understand the cultural norms of the host country and is unable to foster relationships. So in this situation it is better to hire locals.

Intel's HRM professionals should ensure to provide the career management training to its employees. Apart from this it should make efforts to retain the best talent of the organization. Not only this, it should try to motivate US government to reduce the corporate tax rates and speed up the approval process of new construction. HRM professionals can also go to universities and colleges to provide onsite training to talented students so that majority of its student join the fabrication plants in the United States.