Quiz 10: Managing Employees Performance


In the case, if the category of meaningful work was added the responses would have drastically changed. Every person aspires to do his best to contribute to the organization. A lot of time employees see no reason for doing what they have been asked to do. This creates frustration in their minds and they are not able to perform. Whereas, if an employee is clear that his work will make some impact on organizations overall goal his performance will be enhanced. Every employee wants a perfect work life balance, good treatment from the organization, opportunities to learn and grow, good interrelationships and doing meaningful work. Hence, if the option of meaningful work is added then many employees will choose it.

When employees are not satisfied with their organizations they tend to leave it as soon as possible. This is termed as employee turnover. In the case, the new owners could have definitely avoided the turnover. If they would have taken their current workforce into confidence, this situation could have been avoided. They should have told all the problems that the company was facing and should have asked for employee's opinions. This way the employees are obliged towards an organization, feel an active part of it and are willing to do anything for its survival. Contrary to this, when the management does not care about their well-being, the employees do not hesitate to leave the company in the middle. If the new owners had taken care of these aspects and handled the things in a better way, the turnover could have been avoided. The employees also stated in the case that they had a hard time handling their new bosses. The bosses did not used to manage the team well. They used to take the decisions without discussing the problem with their subordinates. This had aggravated the situation. The new owners should have avoided this turnover. A company's greatest asset is its employees. These are the people who drive and organization towards its goals. Mostly the employees leave a company if they are not satisfied with its policies, and procedures. When the top management realized that their employees were staring to leave the company, they should have dug deeper into the matter instead of simply letting them go. However, they did not make any efforts to find out the actual problem. Hence, the turnover rate of the company increased significantly.

Religious views of an individual are very different from his work related behavior. Religious views of an individual are towards entire community ant is not specific to a particular person. However, a person does have different attitude towards different people in the work setting. Work related behavior of an individual is influenced by the organization he is working into. On the other hand, his religious views are inculcated in him during his lifecycle. They are not specific but towards a group of people following or supporting a religion. The HR Manager should explain person C about the way he is expected to address issues and interact with his teammates. He should also be notified about the adverse effects of ill-treating people working with him. He should not treat people on the basis of religion. His co-worker and supervisor should also be explained about the behavior expected from them. They should be intimated about what is not considered appropriate by the company. Also, after effects of any such wrong doing should be clearly explained to them.