Quiz 7: Training Employees


Course content when prepared for the training purposes should be designed either by a company personnel or by a trainer accompanied with a company personnel. The reason is that only a company employee knows the in and out of the company. The company personnel may help the trainer to understand the requirements of the participants. This will lead to the proper designing of the curriculum. Therefore, a company employee should always be involved in framing the course curriculum. On the other hand, if a training company who specializes in information technology prepares a curriculum, it is always advisable to conduct a proper research about the needs and requirement of the company before preparing the training module. This will be advantageous because a blend of outside expert and company needs specified by personnel will make a perfect curriculum for the employees.

In a case like this, it is not very obvious that the manager will work according to his previous organization. Being a manager, he understood that the need of this organization is to think creative and bring into new ideas. This was not possible in the military environment. But the role of subordinates may differ from what a manager does. Their way of thinking may restrict themselves only to the work assigned as it was in the case of their previous organisation. This created a gap between what was expected by the manager from his veteran friends. Therefore, it is very important to hire a mix of group of people rather than just a homogeneous group of people.

Bank needs training in the following areas- organization, person and tasks. The organization's tasks are divided into three major responsibilities. This responsibility includes customer satisfaction, operating as a single team and of course a profitable growth. The bank was already conducting proper trainings required for different purposes. This was more important as the lower level managers were trained to meet the customer expectations, middle level managers were trained to motivate and boost the lower level managers and the higher level managers were trained to assess the managers without any biasness. In short, the training module designed and implemented by the bank suits and caters to all categories of the employee of the bank. Moreover, there trainings include interactive sessions, role plays and simulations which give an idea to the employees on what is expected from them in the company.