Quiz 6: Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs


Many companies are involved in getting their employees checked through drug tests. This test has many advantages and disadvantages too. Let us discuss this in detail. Advantages • Employees feel safe that the test has been applied on all other fellow colleagues so the working environment will be safe. • The chances of negotiating for higher salary increases. Disadvantages • Many prospective colleagues may take it as an insult and they may negotiate for more salaries. • The working environment looks serious and tough to such outsiders.

Mervyn's approach was wrong as he wanted to hire people for his company. Whenever people are hired in a company they should be team players. The reason is only team players can work in a cohesive environment. In a company, people cannot work in isolation. They should be competitive but for their performance and when it comes to the overall company's performance, they have to be a team player. Therefore, it was not a valid approach. Moreover, the company's owner relying on his behaviour as a match for the company's employees is a useless idea which is not at all reliable.

Before the effort was placed: The company O in the country had a difficult job of shortlisting thousands of applications before the system was changed. The thousands of applications were then shortlisted on the basis of too subjective criteria which were essay writing. The applicants used to hire essay and content writers to write the essays. Moreover, the evaluation of essays was too time-consuming. If we scale the selection criteria on the five parameters, we will find the following valid points: • Reliable: The selection criteria were not very much reliable. The reasons is of course the subjectivity involved in the evaluation. The essay writing is considered as subjective in nature and vague. • Valid: The selection procedure is however, valid as it is a government organisation, so the procedure is valid. • Generalizable: The selection procedure is common for all the age groups across all the job levels. There is no difference in the applications being sent by the candidates. • Practical: The selection procedure does not looks practical as most of the applications have a compulsory essay writing which takes a lot of time for the evaluators to check and give feedback. • Legal: The selection procedure looks legal, of course. There is nothing which demarcates a skilled candidate from an unskilled candidate. After the reform: • Reliable: Now also the selection procedure looks reliable. As only the desired candidate's profiles are shortlisted and no policy of subjectivity lies. • Valid: It looks valid also as most of the candidates who are selected get the chance of the interview. This shows that the procedure is valid • Generalizable: The selection criteria are common for all categories of candidates. All the positions across all categories are filled with the same procedure. • Practical: The selection criteria seem to be practical. Most of the candidates are called only when they seems to be an eligible one based on the initial screening. The other formal and informal selection criteria also look practical because a candidate can be evaluated on this basis. • Legal: There is no question about the illegality of the selection procedure as all the steps are formal and well designed.