Quiz 4: Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs


Employers need people across all the categories of education. There are few positions which are required to be filled just by an academic pass-out whereas few openings need masters' degree in business administration. Similarly, there are many jobs which require simply an associate's degree. Mostly, middle level jobs like supervisors, executives require associate's degree. KSAO stands for Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics. It can be explained as follows: • Technical and domain knowledge • People management and leadership skills • Ability to perform in tight schedules, to meet targets within deadlines • Other characteristics like handling huge workforce, and outside parties. There are various ways to select and recruit such employees. It can be done by conducting written exams and interviews.

There are many jobs which are very much demanding and are less paid. The workers have to work in severe bad and unhygienic conditions and in spite of these fact, they are required to work at low wages. It becomes difficult for the HR Professionals to find the right candidate for such jobs. The consequences which an employer has to face of having highly demanding jobs are as follows: • Increase in the wages of employees • Workers demand to enhance the working conditions The employers will have to pay more than the required to bring in people for such jobs. They may also be required to improve the working conditions of the employees. Moreover, workers may also demand some other perquisites.

S Maria hospital maintains a healthy motivational level among its employees by offering flexible shift timings. The doctors are allowed to take rotational shifts as per their convenience. The new interns can also be a part of the team at the time of busy schedules. The employees can also work extra and they are paid for the over work. Employees also have other choices like working on weekend to get the other days' off. All these measures regarding enhancing motivation helps the hospital in keeping their employees boosted.