Quiz 3: Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace


In the workplace of Company CL which deals with the open cast mining and excavation of the coal from various sites. There can be occurrences of various kinds of injuries during the performance of the jobs by the employees. The categories of injuries which are most likely to occur in Company CL work place are: 1. Overexertion: the injuries are caused due to over lifting, holding, carrying, throwing or pulling of objects. 2. Bodily reaction: the injuries which occurs due to climbing, bending, slipping or tripping. 3. Struck by object: injuries caused by struck of coal chunks or equipment Hence it has been found that the above kinds of injuries are most likely to occur in the open cast and excavation of coal in Company CL.

Discrimination against race, sex, age and disability was found to rise during the year 2010 and 2011 along with slow economic recovery. The reason for the rise in discrimination charges during slow economic recovery and unemployment, were as follows: 1. There was discrimination of employers shown towards employees of different sex. Women employees who were married were considered incapable to handle risks and challenges of company. Women employees filed cases of discrimination against the employers of different organization. 2. More productivity within less time requires only capable and physically abled people, so that there is no time lagging factor. Physically disabled persons charged case of discrimination against their managers and employers. 3. Efficiency and performance were considered to be affected with minority and illiterate workers. Hence minorities filed charges of discrimination of race against the employers. The employers' behavior of various companies is said to be one of the most primary reason for such discrimination charges. Even option of getting legal protection through the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) on behalf of the employees was the cause of such discrimination charges filed.

Company G is a reputed organization which values diversity and establishes programs to promote minority- owned leadership. The activities and the accomplishment of Company G are related to its commitment to diversity. In order to meet the legal requirements Company G needs to do the following things: • The legislation of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) in the workplace so that there is no discrimination against any employees • Employers must abide by the rule of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 where both women and men must be paid equally • Civil Rights Act of 1964 legislation where there must be employment opportunities based on the ability or character • Age Discrimination in employment Act which protects the older employees from being discriminated • Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 where the employees with disabilities are not discriminated • Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 which says that there should be no discrimination shown towards pregnant women • Providing Occupational Safety and Health Act to employees working where officers from OSHA visits regularly for inspection The above legal requirements if legislated and followed by Company G in its work place will bring effective result.