Quiz 2: Trends in Human Resource Management


Knowledge workers are those employees whose contribution is mainly specialized or skillful knowledge to the organization. The knowledge can be in the field of customers, profession or processes for the organization. The knowledge workers in the given graph are: • Registered nurses whose specialized nursing skill as profession contributes to the organization growth • Customer service representative who contribute the organization with the specialized skill of customer handling and query clearing • Postsecondary teachers whose knowledge and professional knowledge in teaching contributes to organization growth These knowledge workers are having the specialized skill in particular field and they are in the position of power. They have the knowledge of particular field which the company wants for producing services and products.

To lead a multicultural group which were to divide into the teams it is required that everyone is equally included and treated. The essential tactics to be undertaken as strategies and objectives to be followed for equal inclusion of multicultural group are: • Employee empowerment facility: the employees must be given equal responsibility and authority to engage in decision making • Listening to the needs and requirements of every employee with open mind • Inviting all the employees to contribute their ideas for any development or innovation procedures • Programs and innovative presentation to be set up regularly to understand where and how the organization can improve • Training and guiding every team leader and managers to control and systemize the work better for the team • Individual teamwork and performance must be recorded and monitored through appraisals with rewards given to good performer • Focusing on the strategy of the organization and bring efficiency and effectiveness in growth in to be made understandable to every employee

Company NR is known to have more than 22,000 employees which market ad produce varieties of consumable, hardware products. It also markets and produces home furnishing and office supplies products and services. Company NR is moving towards a high performance system of work, and this can be identified through the following changes: • More strategic course of work was framed for the company focusing mainly on understanding consumers' need • Offering the products only as per the consumer need • Outsourced most of its manufacturing from outside and only made half of its total product supplied • New kind of skills and talents were included in the work force • Depending on people who have the capacity to learn from the consumers and apply it respectively • Commitment to serve the multiple departments by involving in daily operation and planning • Study on how successful companies interviewing leaders of business units were done to enhance marketing process • Reviewing of the performance result and identifying areas to be improved in future • Ethical and supported leadership in the work culture was encouraged to manage the team Hence the above changes and implementation of constructive processes depicts that Company NR is moving towards high performance system.