Quiz 16: Managing Within Your Company


Ethics play a major role in making business decisions that includes selling products legally and ethically, and also imparting knowledge and skills to the salespeople in a proper manner and at appropriate time. Mr. Y strived for four months and was almost out of money before he landed up to a job. Today his boss asked him to do something that he finds unethical, and the boss assures him that this type of action is quite normal in this firm and in this industry. But still, Mr. Y is not sure of the task he is expected to undertake following the work culture of this firm being new to this company. In this situation, Mr. Y should politely refuse to that job that he finds unethical and not sure of performing. This is because no matter how much new he is to this firm, but if he finds that undertaking the task that the boss has asked is not fair, good or ethical, then he should simply deny to undertake it and mention the reason to the boss. He should simply make the boss understand that he does not want to do anything that is unethical and inappropriate in any form no matter whether doing this type of work is the culture of this firm.

Buyer B believes in pilot test for everything before complete transition so as to judge its impact and effectiveness. The desirable result would then initiate the need to adapt the new technology. As a seller the intention of the buyers needs to be understood as B believes in results from tests. The seller should show demonstrate facts and figures of effectiveness of the product. Also they should provide pilot product first to make them satisfied about the product performance. Excellent after sales service to make the users adapt to the product and an ease of use while transiting to the product is what the seller should ensure. For this B has to communicate with the customer service team, support teams, production, delivery and make them all understand the customer's needs and satisfy them by providing apt product. The approach seems to be suitable one for any organization as this will allow the decision makers to make the decision based on the data and facts about the benefits of using a product. Also it will ensure that the purchase made will be beneficial for the organization as a whole and they will get the true partner as their seller.

Ethics play a major role in making business decisions that includes selling products legally and ethically, and also imparting knowledge and skills to the salespeople properly and at appropriate time. Mr. Y's company pays straight commission to the salespeople based on gross margins. Mr. Y possess some ability to influence price of the products that he sells to the customers and thereby he influences the gross margin of the products affecting the commission received by him. The product he sells is standard and changes are not made to it when it is sold. In this situation, Mr. Y should charge customers that much that constitutes the fair price for that product. The price should be such that is a mix of cost price of the product plus the profit percentage of the firm. This price should not be changed depending upon the customer type, but it could be changed with the number of units bought by the customer. If a particular customer buys large number of units of the product, then discounted price should be given to that customer. This way Mr. Y should not change the price of the product for every customer and should charge similar to them depending upon the units they buy.