Quiz 15: Managing Your Time and Territory


Ethics play a major role in making business decisions that includes selling products legally and ethically, and also imparting knowledge and skills to the salespeople in a proper manner and at appropriate time. It is mentioned that a sales manager schedules all sales training and sales meetings at weekends so that the sales people do not waste their selling time. This action of the sales manager could not be considered as ethical because weekend is the justified right of an employee, and this could not be taken away by the manager unless there is an emergency. But this answer of not being ethical could change depending upon the kind of salary or commission that the salespeople receive or work for. If the salesperson is working over a commission over the number of sales he makes, then it is completely ethical and appropriate for the sales manager to conduct training sessions at weekends so as to prevent the salesperson from losing his selling time and the related commission with it. But if the salesperson earns a straight salary, then it would be unethical to take away his weekend and off-time making him attend training sessions.

The core essence presented in the cases, emphasizes on the importance of time management. For sales persons who have a limited time to complete all the tasks like meeting customers, travelling, paper work, product launch, deliveries etc managing time effectively, is required. Each case presents that the sales persons should determine the important tasks and urgent tasks, they should work according to set goals. Proper allocation of resources, framework of strategies to achieve the goals and evaluation of the work efforts should be done on a continuous basis. Goals have to be challenging but should not be such which cannot be achieved and causes de-motivation. The sales persons should be well prepared for meetings with customers, should show up on time, be optimistic, well presented and prepared. They should focus on understanding customer's needs and must share a common goal with developing business with customer, to achieve long term positive relationships. Thus effective time management, setting goals and prioritizing tasks are factors that serve as a key to success for sales persons.

Organization culture stand for the values, principles, standards etc. that a firm follows and believes in, and also expects its employees to imbibe these cultural features in their working style and methods. It is mentioned that one company carries a culture wherein the salespeople are expected to wear custom-tailored clothes, flaunt expensive jewelry, watches and also drive expensive cars. Mr. Y is about to graduate from college and will work for this company. The culture that this company follows does relate to what Mr. Y's goals are. Related to his professional as well as personal aims, Mr. Y always wanted to have a job that is well paying, provide sophisticated work culture, facilitate luxurious leading of life etc. and this job carries everything mentioned-above. Thus, this way it could be said that the culture of this company is capable of influencing Mr. Y's goals in life. This influence could not be called as healthy because it would be very difficult for the salespeople to adjust once they get separated from this company and start working for any other firm. The other firm might not possess the same culture and might not want its salespeople to be so flashy and attractive. Thus, it could be concluded that this influence created by the company is not healthy for salespeople.