Quiz 7: Planning the Sales Call


Yes, the manager's advice should be followed to some extent. To stop Mr. L from influencing the competitors, certain information needs to be collected. For example, his personal information, his relationships with various companies and bonds with salespeople. Apart from that, to covertly strip L of his credibility demographic information also need to be gathered. Like for which competitors he works, what are the products or services he offers, what is his financial position, his past experiences with other companies and what is the source of information from where he gathers the information to influence companies. One thing which will be very uncomfortable in doing is stripping Mr. L, by providing wrong information about him to the companies, even if he is credible. This is completely unethical.

Focus of receptivity stand for the selling technique wherein a salesperson is suggested to initially try selling on the focus of receptivity wherein the person who listen receptively to the salesperson should be contacted by him. This will make the salesperson to receive needed valuable information. Mr. Y held a job of a salesperson at TR Co. and he worked under Mr. SC, a manager. It is assumed that Mr. C, the salesperson from another company wanted to sell a particular software to the manager which is capable of creating separate areas for information storage. In this situation, the information technology (IT) department of the firm could be the good focus of receptivity for this salesperson. This is because the concerned people in this department will adapt to this software and will make the firm to utilize it effectively. The focus of receptivity that is the IT department will cooperate with Mr. C by listening to the product and its benefits for the firm in making its data storage more efficient. And, if the product will possess the potential, then the firm will consider buying it from Mr. C.

Pre-call planning stand for the stage wherein the salesperson tries to gather as much as possible information about the prospect clients and using this the plan for the sales call or a meeting with the prospect related to selling of the offerings by the firm takes place. During pre-call planning, Mr. Y learns that a prospective client enjoys visiting strip club with the salespeople. The strip clubs are in large numbers in the town, but the firm does not carry any such policy that allows or restricts salespeople to visit strip clubs with clients. And, not even Mr. Y has visited these clubs with clients in the past. This information about the prospect will make Mr. Y to think about the options in front of him. In this, Mr. Y will not go with the client to the strip club and if he will offer the same, then Mr. Y will politely deny his offer stating that the company's policy does not allow visit to such places with the clients and this is the reason Mr. Y cannot go to strip club with him and is ready to take the meeting in a more formal and relaxed place. This will definitely make the client aware and get impress by the way Mr. Y follows the rules and standards created by the firm for the salespeople and will appreciate it and this denial from Mr. Y will not have any negative effect over the sales meeting.