Quiz 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building


An effective sales person always identifies the ways through which one can increase buyers trust and commitment , which brings higher sales performance. They adapt to the needs and reacts differently in every sales situation. In the given case, the manager specifies that the customer cannot say no to a person whom she likes. Using this attitude of the customer for selling products is ethical. Such that the sales person is providing correct and exact information about the product, without any manipulations in it. It must be in a good faith to acknowledge the nature of the customer rather than to take advantage of. Thus, knowing and adapting to the nature of customers is a key part of adaptive selling, without any intention to deceive or personal motive.

Each sales person can be categorized based on their responses and their social style. In the given case the sales person is clearly expressing his opinion about what he can manage and what he cannot manage. From the mentioned characteristics it can be concluded that the individual comes under the category of the drivers who have strong assertiveness. Such individuals express their opinions under any circumstance. Here the sales person mentions that he cannot manage irritated customers which prove that he is task oriented. The sales people with this attitude are generally swift and efficient decision makers. They like to take risks and evaluate each alternative with facts and analytical skills. But sometimes the customers find such sales persons as pushy and dominating.

Social styles stand for a behavioral theory wherein people at workplace are analysed and distinguished on the basis of four social styles- the driver; the analytical, the expressive, and the amiable. The driver stands for the people who are action-oriented and result believers; analytical ones are who are concerned with everything and makes it highly organized; the expressive ones enjoys involvement with others; while the amiable ones are happy, relaxed and content with whatever will be the situation. Mr. Y is having one of the customers in his list who a real jerk as she creates problems with every salesperson who approaches her for further prospects of business. But as her business is very important for Mr. Y's firm and he could not afford to let her loose as a customer because of the heavy commission that Mr. Y receives from her. In this situation, Mr. Y could adapt to her social style by providing her business relationship which she is interested in and adapting to the analytical types of social skills wherein the person is concerned with everything and makes it highly organized. This will help Mr. Y to conduct business with her in an appropriate manner without giving her a chance to get angry of upset with the firm's products and services. Mr. Y has to deal with her in a way she likes it and continue to do business with her and enjoy the related commission from the sales she makes.