Quiz 1: Selling and Salespeople


Emotional intelligence is considered as an important trait of sales personal which can add value to his/her selling talent. The sales persons with emotional intelligence will be able to analyze and identify what their customers look for and what their needs are. He/she would be capable enough to read the emotions of the customers and to act accordingly. He or she can recognize and control the emotions of customers and can persuade them to buy the product. It is an unethical selling activity if the sales person identifies that the product is going to be detrimental to the buyers and utilize his emotional intelligence to sell that product to the customers. Through applying emotional intelligence, the sales person can identify whether this product is going to benefit or harm the customer. If he/she identifies that it may harm customer then he/she should avoid selling the product rather than giving priority to his/her advantage.

Go-to-market strategies are adopted by the sales persons to meet the customers directly and persuade them to buy their products or services. This direct marketing strategy has a personal approach and is more result oriented when compared to other approaches of marketing. Some of the product or services for which intensive marketing strategies like go-to-market may not be used are as follows: • Solar powered compactor garbage can is a product which doesn't require any intensive marketing as it is indented to place in the city streets. The approval of the corporation is just enough for this product. Intensive marketing will not also support its sales as it is not meant for the household uses.

Salesperson is an individual who is into the profession of selling products and services to the customers around the world. He is expected to introduce the products and services efficiently to the customers stimulating them to buy the product that he is selling and remain loyal to that product by continuously using it. It is mentioned that to get into a company where an individual wants to work, an easy access could be through sales job. This is because every company recruit individuals who are capable of selling its products and services. Mr. Y wants to be into a product development department but the position in the organization is for sales. He thinks that after doing job at the sales position for six months to one year, he would be promoted to the product development department. In this scenario, during an interview with the sales manager of the firm, Mr. Y should be honest and tell the interviewer that he wants to be into product development but ready to gain experience at sales position so that he could understand the in and out of the product and its selling aspects. This will help Mr. Y to gain sales manager's impression and attraction as he will think that this candidate is ready to work in sales and after understanding the aspects of selling, he could be shifted to product development wherein he will develop the product that will carry potential in the market. Thus, to conclude it could be said that Mr. Y should honestly tell the interviewer about his aspiration to be in a product development department.