Quiz 11: Sales Management and Sales 2.0


The current sales organization often faces major problem. Following are mentioned below: • It is often seen that salesperson does not take efforts, to resolve the customer's complaints. They often show lax attitude in addressing the customer's problem. For example , late delivery of products, damaged merchandise or invoice errors. • Salesforce does not attempt or even take out time to fully explore, and understand the customer's problems or new applications, that require novel solutions. • Salesperson attempts to pressurize and persuade buyers, rather than offering creative or customized product solutions.

In this day and age of competitive environment, various changes have taken place in the recruitment and selection of salespeople. Following changes can be suggested and they are mentioned below: • Companies can adopt internal recruitment method for hiring the salesperson. This method is quite cost-effective, and fewer resources are required to recruit the candidate. Moreover, it helps in internal growth of a company. • Companies can focus more on attitude than a skill, while selecting the candidate. This is so because, skills can be taught but attitude can't be changed. Attitude plays a key role in sales jobs, as salespersons are the only intermediary between the company, and the customers. • Selecting the quality candidates helps in preventing the costly turnover of staff, and increases the likeliness of high- employee morale and productivity.

Sales Training is an essential requirement for any company, as it helps in maintaining or improving the salesforce's performance. More importantly, if sales training is well-designed and executed, it can produce fastest return on investment that a company can make. Following changes can be suggested in sales training : • Major traits such as skills, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors must be carefully assessed by the sales manager, before proceeding with the sales training. • Performance testing can be conducted, to determine the proficiency of the salespeople in a particular area, such as product knowledge etc. • A customer survey can be done by the company, to know the issues faced by them, while dealing with the salesperson. The weak areas of salesperson can be improved through sales training effectively.