Quiz 4: Communication Skills


The type of information that the Tech Team requires in order to understand the client's needs should be comprehensively gathered. This ensures better satisfaction in the sales process and longer client engagement with the organization. The various facets of information that the marketer would need in order to better serve the consumers' needs are mentioned below. • Budget related information : This information would enable a marketer offer service by maximizing the utility within the budget range. • Technical specifications : The various technical requirements that the company processes require is important information for the marketer. This information enables a marketer minimize the occurrence of potential customer dissatisfaction in the future. • Time of delivery : Timeliness of delivery of a service is very important information based on which a marketer should make realistic claims about the time of delivery. It is important to know the extent of time in which service is needed to the customer as it allows the service provider prepare the service or product. • After sales expectations : After sales expectations are very important as it enables the marketer charge a price that is appropriate and justified as per consumer's requirements. • Purpose of use : The information about the purpose of use would enable the marketer to suggest the best possible product or service that would serve best the consumer's needs.

ADAPT methodology of framing the questionnaires ensures that extensive information about the client's needs is made available to the marketer. The category of questions as per the ADAPT methodology are as follows. Assessment questions These questions would be aimed at eliciting the basic details of customer business and requirements. This is done by posing basic questions in an indirect manner. The various assessment questions that should be asked in this case are mentioned below. • Size of the company? • Growth Rate in terms of employees? • Budget allocation for the infrastructure development? • Software and other applications to be used over the computers? Discovery questions These questions are aimed at gathering relevant data elicited from the first phase. In this scenario, certain discovery questions are mentioned below. • How much of the budget allocated for infrastructure expansion would be used for this process? • How many employees should the new IT system support keeping in mind the expansion in coming 2 years? • How many hours of usage of computers and Laptops is expected? Activation questions These questions are aimed at understanding any inhibitions that are bound to arise at the customer's end. Also, these questions are aimed at activating the customer interest. The various activation questions that should be asked in this case are mentioned below. • Would the company mind incurring extra expenses on highly secure software? • If the maintenance and support is offered for 2 years at a higher price, would that be acceptable? • How stringent are the time deadlines? Projection questions These questions are based at predicting the likely reaction of the customer in various scenarios. The various projection questions that should be asked in this case are mentioned below. • Installed software might not be compatible with upcoming version of operating systems. Does the company want our organization to be responsible for that? • If the hardware gets damaged after a year, who would be held responsible by the company? Transition questions These questions are aimed at confirming that the buyer is in agreement with the offering. The various transition questions that should be asked in this case are mentioned below. • A charge of xxx would be levied for the service provided. Is the company in agreement? • The company would provide guarantee for hardware and software damage till x years. Is that acceptable? • After x years, the company would charge at xxx per year for annual maintenance and repairs. Is that acceptable? Based on the above questions, a marketer can comprehensively gauge the buyers' opinion and interest. Making a sales deal on the basis of this would ensure maximum possible satisfaction for the customer.