Quiz 1: Overview of Personal Selling


The problems with Mr. J's H2G sales call are listed below: • Mr. J has passed a message to Mr. G but he didn't check about its delivery. • Mr. J has failed to answer how the firm SSI would actually fit into H2G's trade show program. • Mr. J has failed to address the reasons for the loss incurred due to the investment made on specialty advertisements by H2G in the past. • Mr. J has failed to enquire about the trade show objectives and budget. • Mr. J has also failed to get another appointment with the marketing director of H2G.

A sales manager could give the following suggestions to improve the Mr. J's chances of succeeding: • A sales person must be organized and plan his sales presentation before meeting the client. • Mr. J must adapt to the situation and change his sales presentation as per the time allotted by the clients. • Mr. J first should enquire about the needs of the client and address how the products of SSI would meet those needs. • Mr. J should change the sales presentation strategies according to the customer's approach/response. The three personal selling approaches are adaptive selling approach, stimulus response selling, and continued affirmation approach. o Adaptive Selling approach is where the sales person changes the sales presentation style, messages, and behaviors according to the situation and customer. o Stimulus response selling approach is responding to the clients/customers according their stimuli. o Continued affirmation is where a series of questions are asked to the customers/clients whence to incline them to say 'Yes' to the entire sales proposition. • Mr. J should have used adaptive selling approach or stimulus response selling approach in his last sales call. • Mr. J should fix the date, time, and place of the next meeting before winding up the session.