Quiz 22: Employment, Immigration, and Labor Law


When considering union scenarios it is important to identify and distinguish the characteristics that are present in the workplace. Right to work law governs the terms and conditions for employment for individual states. It also states that it is illegal for employers to keep union members as a constraint for employment. Hence, the organization can define its own rules for employment but cannot keep membership to the inion as a criteria to give employment.

Family and medical care leaves can be taken by an employee in case of various situations. The list of such situations has been mentioned below: • A leave can be taken for taking care of a new born baby, to take care of a baby who has been recently adopted or a to take care of a foster child. • Another situations when the employees can take leave is when employee himself/ herself or the employee's spouse, children or parents are not well and they have been diagnosed with some severe physical condition and requirement of a lot of care is necessary.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), 1993 : The FMLA act was enacted by Congress in 1993 that allows employees to have leave or off from work for medical reasons or family purposes. This act also provides leave for qualifying exigencies in case of military services and for military personals. Under FMLA regulation, an organization having more than fifty employees (private or government) requires to provide unpaid leaves of twelve weeks or medical leave during a year. An employee is allowed to have leave to take care his or her new born child or adopted child. An employee can take medical leave when health condition of employee's parent, child or spouse is serious. Moreover, an employee can take leave for twenty-six week in case of illness or injury of family member due to military service. Also, leave for twelve week of qualifying emergency is allowed, when any family member is active on military duties. Thus, the aforementioned leaves can be availed under FMLA.

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