Quiz 14: E-Contracts and E-Signatures


The contract is void as Corelli is a minor. Any contract undertaken by the minor is void. Void contracts are those that are not legal and cannot be enforced by law whereas Voidable contracts are the contracts that may be nullified. In this case, the contract may be nullified on the ground that one of the parties is a minor to the contract. As per the law any agreement made by the incompetent parties will be void. In this case, the court might decide to ask Shelley to refund Corelli $2500 as the contract is void. The contract was made at the time when Corelli was a minor. So this case represents a agreement made by the incompetent party.

Some important clauses that should be included while making offers to form e-contracts or electronic contracts are as follows: • A clause stating the cures accessible to the buyer in case the merchandises turn to be faulty or if the agreement is in any case broken. This also includes any restrictions in the remedies provided which is clearly stated. • The order of restrictions governing the dealings. • A clause that evidently specifies that what creates the agreement of the buyer to the terms and conditions of the proposal. • A provision stating that how the disbursement for the merchandises and of any related taxes need to be prepared. • A declaration of the seller's repayment and reoccurrence rules. • Disclaimers of obligation for the usage of the merchandises.

Paul has not come into an agreement, since he has not freely move into the agreement. An online offer must consist of some device by which the client may agree to the offer. As the Companies Unlimited does not deliver such feature, the agreement will be unenforceable.

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