Quiz 45: Environmental Protection


Analysis whether A should pay for the book or not: A is not responsible for paying for the book. It is illegal for a company to send merchandise to an individual who has not ordered or requested it and then demand payment. A can keep the merchandise, send it back, or throw it away and will not have to pay for it.

Generally deceptive advertising occurs if a reasonable consumer would be misled by the advertising claim. Vague generalities and obvious exaggerations are permissible. These claims are known as puffery. When a claim takes on the appearance of literal authenticity, however, it may create problems. ?Claims that appear to be based on factual evidence ?Claims based on half truths

Yes. Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act says that if a door-to-door salesman fails to give consumers a three day opportunity to cancel their sale, he has committed a violation of the section. This protects consumers from savvy salesmen. Here, the G family attempted to cancel the sale within that three day period, so RB was required by law to allow the G family to do so. Their failure constitutes a violation of Section 5.

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