Quiz 9: Little by Little


The food is considered as the complete foreign proteins that are taken into the body and the digestive system is considered as the immune system that digests and accepts the good food molecules that is needed for the body that helps in developing. The digestive system removes and cleans the digested food molecules that are not useful for the body. The food is considered as the foreign material that is consumed into the body due to which some people develop allergy to various types of foods and for most of the people the food is accepted and digested easily. The growing problem of the food allergy is observed as the concerning matter, the doctors could not have much suggestion to give to their patients to prevent the allergies that are created by various food items. The research studies of the past have developed several hopes that the new approaches in future would be helpful in preventing and treating the food allergies easily. The experiments that are conducted on the children regarding the food allergy describes that the children who were allergic for the peanut traces, would now consume at least 13 peanuts in one sitting. In such way, the children who were allergic to the milk and also egg consumption have shown improvement in taking very little quantities. The experiment is considered to exhibit cure to the food allergy in children as a possible matter but the future goal for the same is considered to be not certain as the researchers are still exploring several methods to prevent food allergy.

In general, the food allergies mostly seen in people who suffer from certain food allergies like allergy to peanuts, milk and egg. For instance the allergy to peanuts is being observed in the children by researchers and they assume that the peanut protein is considered to pass through the digestive system and there it is interacted with the antigen presenting cell. This cell helps in the functioning like matured one in the form of escorting guests to their preferred table and thereby alarming the waiter. Therefore, the T cells more than one is present is considered to aid in identifying the friend from the foe. During the time of development of food allergy, the T cells instead of allowing the peanut in the manner of valued customer as it is, begins the process of alarm the another kind of immune cell known as B cells. The B cells would create antibodies as the body's bouncers. In the aspects of food allergies, the B cells tend to begin the creation of IgE antibodies where they bound to the peanut protein to summon the mast cells. The mast cells are considered to come in the armed manner with the chemical weapons. The substances that are considered to be released from the mast cells contain the histamines as well as cytokines that leads to the highly frightening symptoms of the allergies related to food.

The heliminth parasites vaccine The studies have shown that the allergies are the wayward version for the aspect of human reaction to the infection with parasites in humans. The parasites like heliminths worms would cause river blindness, elephantiasis as well as various diseases. Parasites mostly live on by the help of manipulating the immune system in the human body and attaches to the intestines in grudgingly with tolerant character. The researchers discovered the oral therapy which is considered to mimic the natural protection to the development of the food allergies and it is considered to follow the infection caused by the parasite. The researchers used the eggs of heliminth for testing the treatment that is designed to trick the human immune system as it would allow the parasites to accommodate and then tempering the response of mast cells. The oral tolerance therapies In the oral tolerance aspect, any kind of food allergy caused to a person can be given therapy like the children were tested on the oral tolerance to the milk where the children could not consume the one-fourth of a teaspoon of milk. The children would develop the immune reaction severely on consuming the milk. After providing the treatment, the children were able to intake the 2.5 to 8 ounces of cow's milk and later on in life, the increase in consumption milk is observed slowly. In one way the results are achieved but in another way few children had experienced side effects like itching and hives which need to be understood before it could reach the general population.

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