Quiz 7: How to Help Your Toddler Begin Developing Empathy


Empathy Empathy is described as the ability of an individual to imagine the feelings of other individual in a particular condition and reacting to that feeling with care. The people with emotion of empathy would easily understand the feelings of others that, they are experiencing for a particular incident as a reaction. Only few people have such complex skill. In order to empathize by any individual with another individual means that the child: • Understanding that the child is considered to be a separate and he is of his own person. • Understanding that other child would exhibit various thoughts as well as feelings of that he has. • Identifying the basic feelings where most individuals experience emotions like happiness, surprise, disappointment and sadness as well. • Look into the situation and experience the feeling of his friend's feelings. • Would imagine that the type of support exactly his friend needs according the feelings experienced by his friend in particular situation in order make him relieve and relax from that emotion like giving him a toy or a chocolate.

Many individuals are considered in understanding as well as exhibiting empathy as social-emotional skills that would be developed in the early years of the life. Such milestones are said to be: • Establishing the feelings of secure, strong, loving and caring relationship with family members. The family members understanding and accepting the child would eventually help him to accept other members while growing. • The baby in the early years of growth and development recognizes and watches the way of their parents accepting and greeting the strangers into the family and the baby feels safe and unsafe with new person depending the parents' behaviour of accepting new person into their home. • The child develops the theory of mind in early age like 18 to 24 months about his thoughts, feelings and also goals would be developed in other individuals that would be different. • Identifying oneself by looking in the mirror would signal the child is considered to be a separate person firmly at age of 18 months to 24 months.

Few of teenagers as well as adults do not easily develop empathy and exhibit the emotion of empathy as it takes time for them in developing empathy. The children by age three might not be considered to be empathetic in a perfect manner. Few teenagers would not develop such activity perfectly or completely. The toddlers are mostly considered to exhibit the behaviour of focussing on me and mine and myself type of behaviour. The feeling of emotion of empathy is considered to be complex skill that need to be obtained by any individual but it can be developed by the child while growing later in life.

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