Quiz 30: I Cant Think


When too many choices are available, the fear to choose wrong option under the influence of biases always hinders a person to take a wise decision. It is inevitable and every single person experiences this state of confusion many times in their lifetime. The time when I had to choose the best college for my postgraduation among the various top colleges in the country was one of the toughest decision I had to take. It was really confusing and very exhausting to check and compare each and every parameter of the best probable colleges. Enquiring about them in person from the existing students, placements, fee structure, course work of various courses was weary. Above that, the feeling of making an unfavourable error extracted the left over confidence in me. However, getting exposed to various suggestions and opting the right option dumping others was not just limited to the matter of choosing a best place to study. Many other things also came to play. Among which dealing with people's sentiments whom all I consulted for the respective colleges was the most difficult job. Though gruelling, it was supposed to be the life changing decision of mine. With utter confusion and family pressure, I chose the college suggested by my uncle whom I considered the then most dynamic and successful person in the family. Sadly, a month later of enrolment I realised that key to my passion was something else and I would perform better in field unlike my so called successful uncle. Without waiting much, I quit and enrolled again for a new course of my choice with complete satisfaction. At present, it appears that less number of choices and more time to decide would have helped me to look upon things clearly. At the same time, I do not think that it would have altered my decision then as looking at the personality and financial status of my uncle, I was quite convinced to opt for that option for leading a bright future. Best would have been an effective eye-opening counselling which would have helped me to asses myself and make a decision properly.

Creativity demands inventiveness utilizing one's imagination to construct something original. Certainly, creative ideas aren't always successful and are subjected to great risks. Successful execution and validation on creative thoughts are mostly dependent on various anthropological parameters. In this regard, one of the major incident I had encountered is during my undergraduation when our class was given the responsibility to organize a farewell party for seniors and decide an unique theme for it. As everyone was given a chance to suggest, few came up with ideas like masquerade, retro and wild west themes which were trending those days. Our creative team had something else running in the box. As life science students, we suggested to theme it as ''micro-philic''. In addition, we presented our ideas regarding different games relating science with humour for all age groups in the audience. The involvement too many people raised the probability of being judged. Even though we put forward our plan and requested our fellow mates to help us to arrange things for its accomplishment. It was a hit with no parallel competition. Of course, it took toil of several people to execute the plan as it was thought. Drawing ideas from various sources, arriving into a conclusive agreement, managing different types of people and finally bringing an idea into life required massive efforts. All is well that ends well, so did the event. It was loved by all, in fact we became the part of advising committee for the upcoming events of our college. It definitely took us time and real guts to jell with the thoughts, accept the ideas of other members in our group and to come up with a final plan to which others presented their consent.

Everything on planet Earth comes with their cons and pros. May it be a nature's creation or man-made materials. According to me, technology eases workload significantly and makes us less efficient because it avails most of the facilities at the door step. As a result of which we tend to remain inside the comfy bubble and rarely utilize our intelligence or inner instinct. We have grown up becoming so dependent on them that things as little as springs or wheels are inseparable from human life in today's world. For example, the usage of calculators, it provides calculation so fast and accurate that our brain is rarely being used to do the math. Another important example is our dearly cell phone. They are mostly inextricable to today's population. Storing contact numbers, documents, images, etc., is daily routine. We trust it so well that we don't bother to tingle our brain for remembering the emergency contact numbers. No doubt, technology has eased our modern life and has gifted us convenience in most of the cases. However, it has also brought us limited social boundaries, lack of creativity and so on. Nowadays youth lacks imagination and originality instead they are more inclined towards mirroring others. Hence, before we lose the control and become dependent upon technology irreversibly, we must rectify ourselves and wisely choose our actions to create a better version of mankind and build a healthier planet for our future generations.

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