Quiz 27: Portrait of a Hunger Artist


Outcomes of man to man conversation is either a deep sense of persuasion in case of agreement or invites possibilities of arguments when one encounters differences. The idea of conversing with a human has always got the chances of being misunderstood and the person is under the pressure of being judged. Often welcomes unnecessary interaction at that particular time which also partially depends on the mood of the person on the other side. Whereas, interacting with speechless living beings comforts the situation to some extent but it demands minimal maintenance. For some creatures, intensive care is required which doesn't appears to be economical at all. Interacting or sharing ideas with a living creature may it be speechless or not makes a person dependable of that particular entity. Here, the longevity of the friend is also a great matter of risk to be dependable on. Conversely, considering a non-living thing as best friend reduces all possible odds automatically. There's no question of being misunderstood, no danger of being judged, just one time investment and all set to have your new friend. It's safe and free from all kinds of prejudice.

Generally, eating disorders or anorexia is the result from the obsession of becoming thin and loosing unnecessary body fat. Instead of maintaining a well thought nutritious diet and inculcating healthy habits the anorexics ( people with anorexia) refuses to eat food and deny hunger. They do not consider their extremely low body weight as abnormal and develops resistance over stimulation by food. Starvation fills them up with pleasure and the ability to control hungry renders them a sense of victory. Mostly they are sunset persons and are obsessed with maintaining a low body weight. They miss social opportunities, face difficulties in strengthening relationships and prefers a solitary life. Being wanderlust, single meal in odd timing of the day conquering the battle of hunger with a flat tummy brings in contentment in an anorexic. They do feel hungry, like food but are strongly obsessed about their mirror self. The control of not eating food even when one is hungry and can't deny liking over the food are some the common anorexic behaviour. Furthermore, suppressing appetite and maintaining thin body weight glorifies them.

In the story '' Portrait of a hunger artist'', the author narrates about her anorexic behaviour. She explained that she was heavily anorexic and was almost sorted with her routine habits. Even after continuous effort of her concerned father and being aware of the side effects she decided to remain in her bubble. She was content and embrace the fact that she could control hunger and remain thin throughout the day. Until her mother, whom she considered to be her true friend clearly objected to welcome her daughter with such an extreme anorexic behaviour. It was serious matter of concern as denial of hunger and poor appetite triggered a sense of reward in the author and the urge to maintain thin body type grew stronger each day with deleterious effect on her health. Gradually, her mental illness was dumping her in a miserable condition leading to an abnormal lifestyle. It was her mother's true concern and harsh words which motivated the author to step ahead and think of defeating the disorder. Eventually, she also realised being judged and isolated for her reduced appetite for food. Others couldn't realise the glory of controlling hunger for them their tummy shape did not bothered them much. Although she enjoyed solitude she could not express or share the pleasure with others. Finally, she decided to resent and build healthy habits for the sake of herself.

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