Quiz 26: Offsetting Risks High School Gay-Straight Alliances and Lesbian


The purpose of gay- straight alliances (GSA) is to erase the discrimination based on sexual orientation. It is student initiated club which aims to build a healthy atmosphere for the LGBT youth among the heterosexual individuals. The LGBT youth are the mostly targeted group for bullying and are at the greater risk of depression, alcohol and drug abuse then leading to suicide. Gay-straight alliances are powerful association which can overcome the hurdles and provide justice to the mistreatments happening in and around the school to the LGBT group of people. It promotes a safe environment for sharing ideas, having normal interactions, playing games, participating in various intellectual competitions irrespective of the gender of a student. Moreover, it broadens a person's insight and enables them to accept this community without any discrimination. Gay-straight alliances creates awareness among the population which is not only limited to its club members regarding the problems faced by the LGBT community. It provides a supportive platform for their development and inspires the youth to act and fight for their right to enjoy their life in free air. Thus, the awareness among the students and acceptance between the LGBT and heterosexual group of students certainly provides better understanding towards each other mediating reduced bullying of the LGBT students.

Yes, if given an opportunity I would definitely join a gay-straight alliances as it leads way to the betterment of the society. Fewer section of society might consider it unnatural but it appears normal to me. More or less, every human being has got individual rights to express their thoughts freely until and unless it violates others integrity. Gay-straight alliances help in bridging the social gap between the LGBT and heterosexual community. It runs on noble ideas like freedom of equality, right to expression and so on. Implementation of gay-straight alliances have already shown huge impact on the society by reducing suicidal thoughts among the victimized group of students. It has also reduced bullying as these clubs endeavours to homogenize the student population as human beings without any need for sexual identity. Hence, I would definitely like to be a part of GSA and would actively volunteer to reduce the social enigma about the LGBT community. Even the parents and relatives of the child belonging to LGBT community should be exposed to these kinds of association to mediate a harmless environment welcoming everyone a safe and happy life.

School education in the era of globalization, has been adversely affected by cultural diversity. Students with different cultural backgrounds interact with each other and face various problems. Improper understanding about the language, cultural practices, thoughts, feelings, etc., builds an undesirable sense of indifference between the students. For culturally diverse students, the task of implementing a state of equality is really very challenging. The responsible person of the school authority whether psychologists or administrators should note the problems faced by the students. A properly functioning student's cell will be required for the victims to approach and address the difficulties they are encountering. The authorized person should interpret and analyse the issue judicially and must act mindfully. If needed a translator should be hired to overcome the linguistic barrier and provide clarity on cultural differences. Willingness to understand the void and wisdom to accept each other's with flaws are the key ideas to maintain a discrimination free environment. The ideas to bring people together should just not to be thought but real effort is needed for its execution. In case of repeated cases of problems of harassment from the culturally diverse students, the authority should realize that thoughts aren't enough, it's time to act.

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