Quiz 25: Interview With Dr Craig Anderson Video Game Violence


Youth who are high on trait aggression or the people who stably manages to respond in certain situations with aggression are more susceptible to video games violence. Also, the ones who are nonaggressive seems to be equally affected. Both the types of individuals are heavily influenced by the media violence. Nonaggressive people are usually at reduced temper, even though violent clips are potent enough to rise their level of aggression significantly. However, the results are more prompt and evident in cases of the high trait aggression subjects which might be because of their underlying causes of prior exposure to the harsh circumstances.

There is a huge debate over whether video games are boon or bane. They have various purposes and are meant for entertaining people with different age groups. The purpose depends on the type of content and theme of the video game targeting a population of particular age group. It's a very popular industry and has shown to influence large fraction of the gamers emotionally. Some of the researchers have suggested that the brutal content of video game has saddening affect on the society as the gamer tends to become addicted to violent games and gradually develops aggression on rapid exposure to similar violent games. Government of many modern countries have banned video games due to massive increase in violent activities among the growing youth. But due to insufficient evidence related to violent video games encouraging acts of aggression, the United States has not restricted the exposure of kids and adolescents to them. Even psychological tests on the subjects have not proven yet that media violence is the sole reason for adolescent aggression. Moreover, banning these games entirely asserting it as a cause for aggression in youth without any concrete proof will a major loss for the economic growth of a developed country like the United States. Government argues that apart from video games a kid is exposed to various violent scenarios. May it be from violent movies or daily life activities, what matters is how the youth interprets the actions. Aggression in individuals might not be developed just because of media violence, instead it could be the outcome of their prior experiences of being abused of arrested.

Internet addiction is a true addiction and is also considered as an disorder for the people who cannot stop themselves from using Internet. There is no particular definition for this disorder as Internet nowadays has become a medium of escape from the bitter truths of the real world. Often, the users considers it as a platform to circumvent the actual crucial challenges. Over the decades, along with the fruitful outcomes of Internet people have built emotional attachment and socialized with virtual communities. They fantasise the virtual world, exchange thoughts and develop vague ideas about the normal life. Eventually, unnecessary excessive use of Internet have invited critical social issues like depression, unemployment, dishonesty, etc. It affects an individual spiritually and financially. People try to remain in their own bubble suffering from loneliness. It impairs them from interacting from the real world. Its time consuming and brings in health problems. Thus, Internet usage should be highly regulated by the authorized organization. Parents have got important role in monitoring the content of the information and time duration spent over Internet by their kid. For adults, the most effective antidote for Internet addiction is their wisdom.

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