Quiz 24: Foresight Conquers Fear of the Future


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This is the age of Technological Revolution. Fast globalization has changed the nature of work over the years. In this global economy, the human work has been replaced by the machines. This revolution has destructed the work categories and job assignment. Many people have lost there job permanently. This is today's world, when machine can work way faster than human, then why not to keep machine replacing human work. This is the actual way every sector has started thinking. We used to send letters and the postman used to bring the news to us. But now a days this work mobile is doing. Whenever you need to say anything to the person sitting far far away also you can speak in tap of finger. There are many postman people are losing jobs. There are less farmers now working on the field with heavy motors. Instead big automated machine can work much more in less time. Less factory workers can be seen in the factory as all the work machines are doing, only to monitor and to operate the computers, people are working. Automation in the healthcare system, causing job cut specially in the lab work wherein machine has replace the work of almost 100 people. Business consultant, scientist, data analyst all of them are using machine or software that has eliminated the manual work. This fast elimination of jobs out of the market causing frustration in young men and women. Hence, they tend to do some antisocial work as a result of their scared nature. They all are scared to touch any new venture, if this also get cut down, foresight for life will be hampered. This is the reason youth moves more towards the line out of this league.

Foresight is something to deal with in the future. When an organization find that the company is under some specific challenge, then the foresight exercise comes into play. This foresighted ness prepares the organization for the long-term challenge. Company tries to plan for long term opportunities. They set research goals for upcoming challenges. This also include taking strategic decision for the organization. Foresight helps to strategies new and improve long term competition system with the market people in order to be one of the players. Foresight can improve the ability to take decision. improves decision making ability. Practicing foresight improve decision making and help to implement the same at the right time. It actually gives the long-term view of the upcoming opportunities and ways to achieve it by providing information for the particular choice. It also includes wide variety of knowledge sources to find answer for some specific challenge. Foresight create a trust on the fellow workers which actually give better result as and when required. It helps to improve the result of decision-making. Also, foresight helps to gather all the board members to join and work hand in hand in order to achieve the goal. Foresight helps to prepare organization both the positive and negative scenario. Practicing the same would prepare people for the worst scene as well. It helps to create some kind of awareness about the condition in present and what might have happened in the near future. In this changing market foresight helps to make aware about skill enhancement require for the survival. Thus, enhancing the capacity as well.

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