Quiz 23: Culture of Corpulence


Corpulent means an obese body. Corpulent kids tend to be very fat bulky and often seen inactive as well. Now a day's children are more towards the indoor sitting games which does not require more exercise. Kids like to sit and play videogames, computers all the time which increase their fat quantity in the body. Along with this no -exercising part, there is a great role of Jung food in making these children corpulent. Maximum family now a days are nuclear. Both the parents are working. So, children sit and eat these Jung foods and sweet deserts very often. These Jung foods are actual cause of storing bad fat in the body. Old days, everybody used to walk all long way and children used play all outdoor games and used to eat healthy foods. But now a days it's just opposite. Children go to school by transport, very less walking involved. Then maximum they play at home with all videogames, computer games which does not even require going one place to another. Children have become gadget freak. This is also because of eating more fast food or the foods with preservatives all through the sitting games. These fast foods are oily enough to deposit fat in the body. Also, the main reason is the number of calories children are eating, they are not reducing the same or even more number of calories, thus they are becoming more fatty day by day. This are the reasons corpulent kids are growing more and more and lend up on very severe diseases as well. Thus increasing the health problems.

Childhood obesity is a very major health concern in the present day. It is related will major health problems. It happens to the child when he/she is above the normal weight. The cause behind this is the sedentary lifestyle. People are sitting and working, sitting and watching tv, children's play maximum indoor sitting games. And along with this the habit of eating which is very much dangerous, eating all non-healthy products, arrested drinks, Jung foods which are of very high calorie, causing deposition of unhealthy fat. This was the behavioural aspect of obesity. Similarly, there is genetic aspect of obesity too. Obesity in childhood is very harmful, can lead to many diseases like, High blood cholesterol, high blood pressure which can lead to cardiovascular disease at an early age. Glucose intolerance, insulin resistance. Thus, increased risk of having type 2 diabetes at an early age. Severe acidity tendency, Gall bladder stone. Fatty liver disease onset at an early age. Musculoskeletal problems. Joint pain and arteritis. Obesity can lead to many mental problems, psychological problem. Disease related to sleep.i.e. sleep apnea. Too much stress, and low self-confidence. This could also increase social problems. Like not mingling with other people around. Stress of getting bullying by others. Thus obesity needs to be controlled at very young age itself or at adulthood it can lead to many severe health problems.

Child obesity is getting increased day by day in the nation. The cause is mainly the changed in the lifestyle, the food habits, Low outdoor games, more inclination towards the technological games. The factors that causes obesity in children is intake of low nutritious food and beverages and along with this is the inclination towards the electronic games. These two factors make the life style sedentary. This changed sedentary life style may look good as of present structure but it has very deep affect for future. Playing video games, watching Television, in front of computer all the time. All requires sit and play, no walking or running. So, there could be problem of acidity, indigestion, all gastrological problems too. This is great challenge to limit all these gadget games and intake of low nutritious food ,Jung food in order to maintain a good health.

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