Quiz 22: Use the Science of What Works to Change the Odds for Children at Risk


Poverty is a situation which signifies lack of material prospect results from the low economic condition. Poverty is the phase that faces lot many issues which are related to each other. The impact of the same is huge and affect almost all part of an individual's life. The children who are developing in the phase of poverty are the most to get affected by the same. Poverty is a daily life struggle that actually branches out the other risk factors related to this situation. Risk like Health, economy, crime is the most observed hampered life. Health: - Herein the health problem due to poverty is hunger and malnutrition. Since there is lack of money, so the poor people are the one who cannot buy the nutritious food. Thus, there health get decrease. And due to lack of money costly required treatment for the same. Mental Health Problem in poor people is one of the risks related. As the mother are mentally ill due to the lack of necessary things. Stress is the main factor for them to survive properly. Even when they are expecting baby, this inherited stress is very common. So, many children by birth suffer mentally retardation which is also due to lack of proper health condition, malnutrition. Education: - Education loss is the biggest problem. Poor people do not have enough money to start education for the children. Price of resource for the education, transportation, tuition is so costly that poor people cannot afford the same, hence most of the poor children deprived from the education. Crime: - Since there is lack of education, lack of funds, sometime lack of proper home also. So, this is the situation wherein the poor tend to do the crime. This increases rate of crime in the society itself. Children who sees this condition from childhood, they lend on the path of crimes in order to supply the necessary resource. As per the condition, one can see that all risks are interrelated. In order to irradiate poverty from the future generation, one has to provide all the necessary things like education, which will create employment, that will help to confer the heath problems and so the crime will get reduced as well.

Student performance in the school is very much dependent upon the environment he/she gets at home. Peaceful home with good values, with lovely and positive family and friends are the main aspect to reach success. Parents and the homely environment can create magic in a children life. Child who comes from a family background of positive value, peaceful environment. Children who gets all the necessary sources to live life are the one to achieve good at school. On the other hand, children coming from the poor family background, coming from slum are the one who are deprived from the necessary resource. They are the one who have stressed all the time at their family. This is the reason poor child cannot concentrate on studies if supply is given also, hence remain less scholastic as compared to other students. There is a major correlation between family background and school achievement. Parents who have well defined economic condition, they select good school in their community and the one who have less economic growth they tend to select low income priority feature. Achievement, success is majorly depending upon the family environment, as teachers can only show them path but walk on the same child has to do by their own and parents have a great role to provide them a peaceful, a happy environment at home. This is really associated with the right success at the right time.

Economic inequality is a major concern in almost all the nations. This happens due to wide gap of discrimination. This discrimination by race, economic condition, status, education. Some people with high income group lead very lavish life. Their children go to luxury schools to get their education. Also, they go to very high-class universities to continue their higher studies. The people of low-income group lead very normal life. They cannot afford to go for some luxurious thing. They have to struggle to get things done. Their children would go to some low structure schools with the limited supply. Their way of living would be different from the rich people. Even the area of two classes would be different. This is a clear discrimination that affect the whole cycle of economic growth. There are few policies as per research, if implemented then it might give some solution to this gap between high-low income inequality. 1.Increase in the minimum wages for the lower income group people will help them to come out of poverty, also increase the nation's economic growth. 2. Expanding the earned income tax has shown great economic support for the poor workers. Also, many children can be pulled out from the poverty. And help to maintain some good life, at least of less struggle to survive. 3. There should be some policies by the government wherein there will be more savings for the low-income groups. The cost for building assets should become less or affordable as per this income people. There should be some after work plans deal too so that the people at their age can live some stress-free life. 4.There should be good investment in the education system in such a way that all the social class can take the benefit of education. As education is the key ingredient to get a life stress free. Investment of education is another asset's the students are the future fruit for the nation. 5.There should be proper tax code and its proper implementation. For the classes of the code should be different as per the income criteria. 6. There is a great difference in area the high- and low-income people live. The people who are earning more they live in luxury place all the required things are available. Whereas the people of low-income group stay in slum and have to struggle for all the needs. There is some need to reduce this residential segregation in order to encourage economic mobility for all the social classes.

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