Quiz 21: Engaging Young Children in Activities and Conversations About Race and Social Class


When we start answering some question like social class, economic class of some people. First comes in the mind is their particular Race. This Race is actually a very relative term to fall under some kind of definition. Racism is actually a belief that the people have of being superior of one race over another. Racism indeed leads to the discrimination between the social classes. We live in a society wherein many different people have their places. We have to mingle with all the people. And if the discrimination only because someone's racial identity, he or she cannot mingle socially, then it's really very hard to accept. Our society has got multiculturism people from different places comes under the same roof, wherein everybody should have an equal access to all the basic needs. So, accepting racism in a positive manner will not only reduce the discrimination, also helps to grow our countries future fruit, i.e. the children of our society. Children are the essence of any nation to grow in a positive way. So, these children should have known about the current topics that create discrimination. These are the small people who actually need understand the sensitive topic in order to get mingle and walk hand in hand for the future growth. Thus, these children should be talked about the race and the social class. As these two topics are very much inter-related. Children should be talked about racism and social class in a positive and in a playing way. They should be known to the fact by the means of different visual work, art work, by the different books. Children's are like clay, they can be mould in any structure. So, the same way thinking also has the same pace. Parents and the teachers should talk about the topic as and often as a conversation, so that children can feel these are the comfortable topics to talk about. And also, they will feel mingle with the other class children at their circumstances. They will have to understand that racism and social class are not rude topics to have a conversation. These are the actually part of everyone's life. We have to live in a society which is multicultural, and even we have to accept the other one's identity and ethnicity as well. Avoiding such topics from the children does not make sense. It does not mean that not talking to these topics, children will not get to know. But the actual fact is ignoring these questions from children will just create curiosity and with which they will understand the half fact or sometimes will not even understand the scenario. This is actually the much harsh way of accepting some embarrassing questions from them. Talking to the children on these topics from their early age itself can create many solutions. Children will be more comfortable in the society where we live in with the people from the other racial groups. Their interaction with each other become more comfortable. And there will no such rude questions will follow them.

Diversity is a relative term to answer. Diversity is actually the range of different things in a place. Diversity could be cultural, mental, social, business etc. There is no proper term to define diversity. Everybody who all are living in a same society or in working in a same place, or even the school where children go, the places have diversity in many aspects. There is diversity in terms of race, community, religion, language, culture. So, all the people from different aspects have to collaborate with all this changing environment. So, appreciating diversity in the people and the children is very much need of this changing society. Or else there will be some gap between the rich and poor which will lead to the social class discrimination. Children who go to school should be aware of this diversity. And making them aware about this topic is very much necessary and need of this hour. Because at an early age, children are very much adaptive and to make them understand the same is easy too. Thus, at school and even at home there should be some games and conversation time that make children understand these topics. At home parents should mingle with children in games like walk along hand in hand. Wherein the child has to hold their parents' hand and walk along. And one of the two hand should be of some other skin colour, painted with the sketch pens. This activity will create some question in children mind like why there are different colours of hand? Why all of us play together? Then making them understand the diversity and being together will become easy. Books also make a good activity to mingle everybody at the same place. Children at school should allow to solve the art puzzles. Activity like painting with the given supplies that will contain pencils, crayons of some same and some different colours. And the children have to paint with the only supply given to them. So, once they complete the craft, they will understand that with the different colours we could make a stable form of art. This will create unity in a diversity. There should be some group games of children from different community, language, race. Where they have to speak about the other as they all study together and they are friend as well. This will help to make children understand that everybody should accept and value the believes of diverse backgrounds. All these activities will help children to access the ability to relate with all other people in the community they live. This is the need of this changing society. Help to grow their inner person as well.

Political correctness or incorrectness in a child behaviour comes from the way he has been treated from the early age itself. The children have to learn the essence of life through the lesson that shows him or her the path of good and positive human. Thus, built-in good behaviour. Politically correct means stating worth and wise words at the particular time. Teaching political correctness from childhood itself can create an environment wherein the child will be able to get maximum novel ideas. Also, children will be easily mingling with the different race, communities at this ever-changing world. They won't ask embarrassing question, as they don't have curiosity at extent. Being politically correct is the need of this hour in order to create very easy and positive environment. Politically correctness is the way to make children reasonable, rational and kind. Politically incorrectness makes the children confuse. This habit comes under bad behaviour. Children who used to this habit from childhood they start blaming other people for their mistake, they loss the way of understanding and decision making in the future.

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