Quiz 17: From Lockers to Lockup


Bullying is something that actually affect an individual's confidences, self-esteem and will power. Bullying can be seen almost everywhere weather in high or low. But teenage bullying is more and increasing day by day in schools and colleges. Bullying sometimes become so harmful that it allows the child to commit crime like suicide. Bullying makes one insulted in front of his/her peer, which actually cause mental stress, tension that the concerned person even feels scared to go out of their confined place. Bullied person cannot feel free to go out and face other's in community. They feel to be targeted all the time. This cause mental trauma and can lead to many psychological problems gradually. Thus, bullying actually cause harm to life either physically or mentally. Bullying is an uncivilized activity. It is actually cruel to the part who do bully of others. They should be punished. And the punishment should be strict so that for next time again if anybody wants to bully somebody, they should think twice to repeat the same mistake. This is high time to take action against it. The small children are the future of any nation and they should feel free and comfortable, they should not have thinking to commit any crime. These uncivilized thoughts should be out of their mind. The school should make some strict rule against bullying. Children have to follow the same. Their should be some counselling sessions for the students in order to control bully.

Bullying is very cruel and harsh, it hurts the people to the extreme that they might commit some harsh crime as well. It not always jokes or making fun for somebody. It can ruin life of the person physically as well as mentally. Consequences of bullying are really bad and harsh. Bullying is a severe crime when it falls under such circumstances of Physical assault, Harassing someone on the basis of gender. Also speaking or harassment in regards to someone's race is major criminal bully. Making Threats in regards to death and violence. Giving threatening for future is one of the types of criminal bully. Nobody has got such right to give threat or make some violent text somebody in regards to any spat. Stalking someone, committing hate crimes are the part of criminal bullying. These are increasing day by day. And now it's the time to limit all these on a serious note. Nobody has got such rights to do with somebody's personal space. Talking photograph in the place which are very privet is one of the criminal bullying. One's personal space is not for anybody. Just for the sake of bullying doing these criminal acts are really punishable.

Bullying is something which is cruel, harsh and aggressive unwanted behaviour. This bullying is very much common in the school level. Students think these are making fun or jokes of anybody for anything. But it actually has a very harmful for life. In this case, the school administrator, principal, board members, teachers have to play a key role in order to limit these kinds of harsh activities in the school. They should see for some defined rules for the students which are helpful to reduce the criminal activities. There should be some practice need to follow and govern by the school administrator. Like maintenance of a positive and peaceful environment in the school. Administrator should have eye on the data collection of bullying cases, the environment and the violence threat. So that proper action should be taken on right time to avoid the excess condition. School administrator should have a quality coordination with the bullying prevention team in order to check on the cases and its on time prevention by taking required action. School board should provide trainings to the staffs of the school in regards to the bullying prevention in order to create respectful and safe environment for the children. There should be proper counselling for the students and the school board should be in talk with the parents as well and their wards activities in the school and home premises. The rules and regulation in regards to the bullying should be properly followed in order to control the bullying environment.

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