Quiz 17: Power and Coercion


The given example presents two situations where rape was committed. The first situation involves a seductive behavior by a lone lady who was raped by several people in a bar. The second incident involved raping of a woman in a street by an assailant who is unknown. The first incident involved a certain amount of enticement by the woman in the bar which resulted in her being gang-raped. Also, the victim and the rapist were drunk leading to the gang-rape. Hence, the lone women who danced seductively in a bar among several men is to be blamed for the gang-rape. The rapist in the second incident is to be blamed and not the victim as there was no provocation from the victim. The second incident has occurred due to the perverted nature of the rapist and the victim should not be blamed.

Professional athletes have reported to have different opinions on sex and rape compared to the general public. Hence, it is a strong possibility that they tend to make poor decisions regarding sexuality. There are possibilities that women can cry rape without just cause. This can happen for a variety of reasons which include threat and intimidation of targeted males. This approach can be used to achieve strength in rivalry, for domination and to force the male victims to concede to the women's demands.

Sexual abuse involves exploitation of the victims and sexual act without mutual consent. Sexual intercourse between a 17-year-old male and 14-year-old girlfriend cannot be considered as sexual abuse as both involved are not children but adolescents. Sexual abuse of children is defined as forced sexual activity in young children, predominantly below 10 years of age.