Quiz 12: Pregnancy and Birth


Sex preselection can be used to determine the sex of children if a genetic counseling has indicated a high possibility of sex-linked disorders. The choice of sex would not normally be warranted and is required only if the identification will help in the control or management of an indicated genetic disorder in the new born.

High incidences of genetic conditions such as Down syndrome are indicated with advanced maternal age. Developing fetuses in women above 35 years have an increased risk of genetic disorders. Assisted reproductive techniques help in women with advanced age to have normal children through applying advanced diagnostic techniques. However, women above 60 should be discouraged from assisted reproductive techniques due to several reasons. Some of them include altered hormonal conditions and social issues.

Delivery is a natural process and if all parameters confirm a safe delivery, it can be encouraged to be performed at home with the assistance of a trained midwife. Complications detected during pregnancy which can pose a risk to the maternal system or in the developing fetus would warrant delivery at a hospital. This will minimize the risk to the mother and the newborn and can ensure immediate attention to any possible complications.