Quiz 9: Adult Sexual Relationships


Human relationships thrive and become successful when complete understanding between the partners occurs. A successful and health relationship depends largely on the qualities that interacting partners look for in each other. Some of the qualities that one look for in a partner would be emotional balance, a caring attitude, financial independence and a strong commitment for the relationship. These qualities would strengthen the bonding and hence are important. The qualities that can adversely affect a relationship include excess possessiveness, jealousy, careless attitude and being non-committal. These undesirable qualities also can be considered as nonnegotiable as they can be detrimental to a healthy relationship.

Human relationships can be either for a short duration or lifelong. Relationships that are lifelong have a high degree of commitment, responsibility, sharing and caring for each other. I would prefer to settle down in a relationship that is lifelong as it is more meaningful compared to short time relationships. The quantum of time required to date a person before deciding to settle down for life would depend on the time required to assess the person. Once a confidence on the partnering person is achieved, a lifelong relationship can be initiated.

Healthy and successful human relationships require a high degree of commitment, responsibility, sharing and caring for each other. A breach of the factors contributing to healthy relationship would be detrimental and such factors include cheating by a partner. Indulging in sex outside a relationship is bound to cause disturbances in a relationship. Usually, conversations regarding monogamy are not seriously attempted as it is considered for granted and monogamy is regarded as a virtue upon which relationships thrive.