Quiz 7: Love and Intimacy


John Alan Lee proposed the theory of six loves styles, also known as the colors of love. This theory groups love as six colors, presented as follows: 1. Eros: this type of love s is dominated by romance 2. Ludos: this type of love s is dominated by conquest 3. Storage: this type of love s is dominated by friendship 4. Pragma: this type of love s is dominated by practicality 5. Mania: this type of love s is dominated by obsession 6. Agape: this type of love s is dominated by selflessness My first relationship was fits into the description of "storage" as it was fueled by a good friend without much influence from the other five types of love. In my opinion, the hardest love style to deal with would be 'Mania' as it is driven by obsession which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The theories to explain love that were discussed in this chapter are listed as follows: John lee's colors of love Robert Stenberg's three-element love theory The behavioral reinforcement theory The cognitive theories The physiological arousal theory The biological theories My first love relationship was fueled by friendship and it fits into the "Storage" type of love as proposed by John lee's colors of love. All theories try to explain the love relationship from different angles and each has its own advantages and limitations. Among the various theories, in my opinion, the behavioral reinforcement theory does the best job. This is due to the behavioral and emotional quotient that the theory takes into account to explain the love relationship.

The role of pheromones in animal behavior, especially in insects and certain vertebrates are well documented. However, research on pheromones and their effects on humans are in the early stages and require several substantial evidences to arrive at a conclusive decision. Hence, the current research focusing on the effects of pheromones on human behavior does not fit into my experiences. I also do not get attracted to people based on their smell.