Quiz 6: Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology


A good understanding of male sexual functioning is important for human sexuality. This is largely due to the dominant role of men in sexuality that was imposed by traditional, religious, and cultural influences. The need to better understand male sexual functioning is due to the presence of the male reproductive structures outside the body and their mode of functioning. The presence outside the body contributes to several clinical conditions that can affect the male reproductive system compared to that of the female reproductive structures. Hence, it is important to understand male sexual functioning for human sexuality.

Circumcision is the surgical removal of foreskin of penis and is encouraged in many cultures. Though there is no strong evidence to demonstrate the health value of circumcision, the procedure is practiced globally due to cultural and religious influences.

There exists certain amount of discomfort in men to discuss issues on their body image. The size of penis is considered erroneously as an indication of masculinity and virility and men tend to remain mostly uncomfortable to discuss body imaging issues. Size anxiety (regarding the penis size) is one other factor with discourages men from discussing body image issues.