Quiz 3: Communication and Sexuality


Effective communication is the key for lasting relationships, helping in better understanding and bonding between individuals. Misunderstanding is the most common reason for many break-ups which can be prevented by effective communication. Thus, effective communication increases the likelihood of a relationship to be long lasting. Poor or absent communication will result in a person not being able to understand a situation properly. This will lead to escalation of misunderstanding resulting in failed relationships.

There occur differences in the way males and females communicate. Also, the gender differences in communication styles have a "cross-cultural" influence. This is largely due to the culture-influenced gender bias in several societies. Examples of communication differences as can be seen among genders include non-verbal communication, electronic communication, and verbal communication. Males tend to be more assertive and dominant in the verbal communications while women tend to be more effective through electronic (on-line) communication.

The claim that women tend to gossip more than women than men is most probably true. This is due to the comfort by which women gain in each other company and the ease by which they can discuss a common topic. An example for gossip is communication among women dominated by rapport-talk which is one of the charachteristics of gossip.