Quiz 5: Milk and Milk Products


Various sources of global milk supply are: cows- 1,379 billion lbs., buffalo- 215 billion lbs., goats- 39 billion lbs., sheep- 22 billion lbs., camel- 6 billion lbs. With a total of 1,661 billion lbs. of milk supply worldwide. As mentioned in the above data the maximum percentage of milk around 83% alone is coming from the cows and rest from other animals.

Major milk producing regions include the U.S., European Union, India, China, and Russia with E.U. leading the worldwide milk production at 333 billion lb., followed by the U.S. at 200 billion lb., India at number three with 119 billion lb., China at 82 billion lb., and Russia with 69 billion lb. E.U. and the U.S. lead in the milk production due better feed and better milk breeding cows variety in their region.

In U.S. more than 80% percent of milk produced is marketed as cream, fluid milk, cheese and butter. Where fluid and cream comprise 57.1 billion lb., cheese constituted 10.6 billion lb., yogurt 4.3 lb., butter 1.8 billion lb., ice cream 0.8 billion lb., and nonfat dry milk at 1.5 billon lb. There were over 20 million cows in U.S in 1956 and decreased to 9.2 million by 2013.

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