Quiz 3: Red Meat Products


(a) Global red meat production is stated at 250 million tons with China, United States of America ahead of all other countries. The top 15 countries of red meat production accounts for nearly 85% of all red meat production. (b) The domestic red meat distribution in the United States mainly comprise of beef and pork production accounting nearly of 50 billion pounds annually. Three states of Nebraska, Texas, and Kansas lead the red meat production accounting for 60% of the US cattle produce. State of Iowa alone produces 27 % of hog's harvest while the States of Colorado responsible for 45% of lamb's meat produce.

(a) Yield or dressage percentage is the relation between hot or cold carcass weights to that of the live weight of the animal. (b) The following equation represents the dressage percentage (yield) in case of red meat: Dressage percentage (yield) = (c) The factors affecting dressage percentage are: • Digestive tract content of the animal also called as fill. • Animal fatness • Animal muscularity • Weight of the animal hide • Weight of the wool in case of sheep.

Wholesale or primary cuts involves, shipping of the meat in boxes such as boxed beef, boxed pork, and boxed lamb. Wholesale cuts for beef, lamb, and pork are mentioned below separately: 1. Beef : - Round, sirloin, short loin, rib, chuck, fore shank, brisket, short plate, and flank. 2. Pork : - Ham or leg, loin, blade shoulder, jowl, arm shoulder, spareribs, side. 3. Lamb : - Leg, loin, rib, shoulder, neck, fore shank, breast.

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