Quiz 15: Mental Illness


Mental illness is a condition in which a person's emotions, behavior and thoughts undergo changes and it also alters the person's abilities for performing daily activities. One such mental disorder is an anxiety disorder, which includes phobias, and panic attacks. Anxiety is a response to stress, which may help in dealing with the situation, but when in excess, it may become unhealthy. People suffering from anxiety may experience phobia or panic disorder. The later is characterized by sudden terror attacks, which results in a chilling sensation. Panic disorders results in nausea and a feeling of being smothered. Many such patients do not leave their home because they fear of being attacked again. Phobia refers to a feeling of fear towards something which actually poses no damage. People may develop a phobia towards different things, such as high places, wild animals or certain activities like flying.

Alzheimer's disease, abbreviated as AD, is a medical state, and is defined as a chronic neurodegenerative disease, which starts slowly and worsens with time. It is one of the prime reasons for causing dementia. The early stage of Alzheimer's can be finding difficulty in remembering recent events, which causes short-term memory loss. As the state deteriorates, the patient could find trouble with language, disorientation, loss of motivation, and random mood swings. The case worsens, when the person totally loses his memory and cannot even remember what he did ten minutes ago. Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common causes of dementia in older adults. There is a loss of cognitive functioning in them. They find it difficult to remember things, think and analyze talks and to do reasoning. There is lack of behavioral abilities and the normal life of the person gets totally disturbed. In the given case, Mr. Gomez is showing symptoms of dementia, which is a cause of worry. The family members are worried that he could forget everything and would land up in a situation, where he cannot recognize anybody and anything. If he gets lost in some place, he would, even, not be able to tell people his home address. He should go for a medical aid as delaying the treatment could lead to complete failure of his memory. Medical help would help him to retain some basic information about him and his family. There would be repeated medical tests and memory tests, which would help him, improve his condition. If left untreated, his brain could totally stop working and he would not be able to retain, even what he had done or said few minutes ago.

A mental disorder or a mental illness is a condition, which is diagnosed by a mental health professional. A change in the behavioral pattern causes sufferings or a poor ability to function in life. The conditions could be persistent, relapsing or even remitting. The causes of mental disorders is still not very clear though several factors like the behavior, feeling and thinking ability of a person could decide upon its mental health. A health care provider is defined as a doctor or practitioner of medicine line or a psychologist, nurses, nurse-midwife, or even a social worker who is authorized to perform clinical services for the society under the Law. A health care provider generally has a license to provide medical certification regarding any diagnosis. It is very important to maintain a privacy system as per the norms of medicine. Patient confidentiality is considered to be one of the important aspects in medicine. It is the duty of the medicine practitioners or the health care providers to protect the private details of a patient. It is both, a moral respect, as well as building a bond of trust between the patient and the doctor. For mental-illness related cases, it becomes even more important as society generally is not supportive of these cases. One should honor the dignity of the patients.