Quiz 11: Medical Math


Multiplication is an easiest way to add a bulky number. For multiplying number, multiplication tables are used. The table allows calculating the numbers more quickly and more easily. Division is the opposite of multiplication, which also need the knowledge of multiplication table. It is a basic operation of escaping subtraction a large number many times by just simply dividing in one go. The given numbers are img and img . The conversion of the given fractions into incomplete fractions is as follows: img img So, the conversion of img and img into incomplete fractions are img and img , respectively. Multiplication of the given pair of numbers is as follows: img So, the multiplication of img and img is img . Division of the given pair of numbers is as follows: img So, the division of img and img is img .

The metric system utilizes the three units of measurement; namely gram, meter and liter. Conversion to the metric system can be done by shifting the decimal in the appropriate direction of ten, just before the unit of measure. 24 hour clock states time and removes the confusion when the information is being documented. The clock is the convention of time that covers a cycle from midnight to midnight. It is the most commonly used time notation and is used internationally. The clock has 24 hour notation in the form h (hour): m (minutes) where h is the full hours that has passed since midnight. The 1:05 PM (post meridiem) can be written in military time system as 13:05. It is so because after 12:00 PM it continues with the numbers on the clock. The weight of the baby measured was 3.84 kg (kilograms). 1000 kilograms (kg) are equal to 1 gram (g). Conversion of 3.84 kg into gram is as follows: img 1 gram is equal to 0.035274 ounces. Conversion of 3840 g into ounces is as follows: img Hence, the weight of the baby will be img .

In the given case, two scenarios are given; one is 12 hours format of the clock and the other is 24 hours format of the clock. 12 hours format is confusing and it puts the patients at risk, whereas the 24 hours clock format is safe. 12 hours is a standard time and is called as the Greenwich Time. It uses 1-12 hour format and is written with colons, letter and numbers for example, 1:00 A.M or 1:00 P.M, whereas, the 24 hours format is the military time. The instructions, which are given to prevent problems, while using 24 hours clock are as follows: 1. It should be expressed in four digits and no colons are used to separate the hours and minutes. 2. Always 0 should be used to complete the four- digit number. For example, 1:00 P.M = 0100. 3. 24 hours clock time is also known as military time. It provides a clear concise record for recording the medical services. 4. The morning hours are started from 0100 to 1200 hours. 5. 1200 hours of noon can be added to the afternoon and nighttime hours. For example, to determine 3:00 P.M, 1200 and 0300 is added to make it the military timings that is, 1500 hours.