Quiz 7: Wellness


Health can be defined as the complete well-being of a person including the physical, mental, and social well-being, with the absence of disease. The word holistic means the total well-being of a person. The holistic health care is a complete care of a person's physical, mental and spiritual needs. It is a combination of good health with a positive self-image. The three types of the fitness that are included in a holistic approach to health are described below: 1. Physical fitness: It is necessary for an individual to be healthy and strong. Physical fitness provides energy and protects the body from diseases. It includes the daily basis of care and activities like diet intake, exercises, vaccinations, waste elimination, good posture, routine checkups, and complete rest of the body. 2. Mental fitness: It is the measure of a person's attitude and balance in the life. It is measured by the person's qualities like communication, behavior, confidence, leadership, and stress management. It helps a person to deal the life situations with positivity. 3. Spiritual fitness: It helps a person to find the purpose of life. It creates a sense of strength and comfort in a person's life effectively by improving the behavior and attitudes. The holistic health supports a person on both physical and emotional levels. It ensures that a person should be fit and happy in life.

The patients in the health care services are provided with various types of care and needs. They need both physiological as well as psychological support. While treating a patient, the workers must understand their behavior, culture customs and beliefs. The patient from Iran, having the fear of death and admitted to long-term care, will require the following basic psychological need: 1. The patient is afraid from the procedures of treatment. The patient must be given time and her problems should be listened carefully. In order to communicate well, language translator should be present there. 2. The gestures like eye contact and touch should be followed according to the patient's culture. Respect should be given to the patient's cultural activities. The doctor must keep records of the patient requests and behavior.

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